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Thursday, August 09, 2012

August Market-Linked CD's

Dear clients and friends:  
                                                                                             August 9 '12
The August Market-Linked CD offerings are interesting...the estimated caps on which the interest is paid are between 5% to 7%.

The commodity-linked CD this month featured below includes both GOLD and SILVER; CORN, NATURAL GAS, & WHEAT also - an excellent way to participate here without any risk to your deposit.
To get more information on these FDIC insured CD's, contact me at (954) 719-1151 , or reply to this e-mail. Thanks. Barry Unterbrink, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor

Market-Linked Certificates of Deposit can be a smart solution in today’s environment.

With interest rates near historical lows, bonds and typical CDs no longer offer returns that can potentially outpace inflation.  Originally developed by Chase Manhattan bank in 1987, Market-Linked CDs (MLCDs) may be the solution you are looking for as one of the few principal-protected products still offering the potential for annual interest greater than 2.50%.
Potential benefits of MLCDs.
1.       Safety - Principal Protection.1
2.       Insurance - FDIC Insurance.2
3.       Potential - Historical interest paid = 2.75%.3
The Basics.
§  The issuing bank will return 100% of your principal at maturity.
§  Deposits are insured by the FDIC up to statutory limits, generally $250,000 per bank.
§  MLCDs pay interest each year based on the performance of stocks or commodities.4
§  Some Market-Linked CDs also offer minimum guaranteed interest (such as the one below).
§  If you need to sell your MLCDs prior to maturity the issuer will buy it back at the current market value.5
One Example.
§  Commodity Linked CD issued by Bank of the West.
§  Pays interest each year based on the performance of 10 Commodities (includes GOLD & SILVER,
§  Minimum interest will be at least 0.30% annually (GUARANTEED).
§  Maximum interest can be up to 6.5% annually (CAP).
§  This particular CD must be funded by August 24, 2012.
If you would like more information on MLCDs.
Please contact BARRY UNTERBRINK , Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (954) 719-1151, (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
The above summary is not intended to be an offer to purchase CDs.  Interested depositors should request full offering documents from their financial consultant.  1 MLCDs are 100% principal protected when held to maturity based on the credit strength of the issuer. 2 MLCDs are FDIC Insured up to statutory limits, which are described in detail in the offering documents, generally  up to $250,000 per bank, per account registration.  3 34 MLCDs on this platform have paid interest with an average payment of 2.75%, however past performance is not a prediction of future results as each MLCD offers different variables which will affect actual interest paid. 4 Interest is subject to a CAP.   5 If MLCDs are sold back to issuer prior to maturity, depositor may receive less or more than original deposit.

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